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There are many products available in the exercise wheel department. Don’t make the same mistake I did. I had a standard wire cage wheel. I never had any problems for years. But fate finally caught up with me and I had one chinchilla get it’s leg caught between the wheel axle and the support rails. Compound fractures are not pretty. Don’t make the same mistake I did. If you are going to have a Chinchilla get one of the safer ones. They are more expensive but when you consider you will have your chinchilla for 10-20 years, the cost is minimal.

Go on google and look at the images for chinchilla wheels. You can get links to the vendors.

Note: The links provided do not imply they are the best place to purchase, they are the locations where I received the images and felt I should give them credit for their © images.

Good ones: Examples


Bad ones: Examples

Chinchilla running animated gif
This is the one I bought. Sure it cost a bunch, but it is good quality. No rough edges. No place to get caught, even under the wheel. Also it is baby safe. Watch the video on the home page.
Bad wheel
The style pictured here is exactly like the one that injured my chin.
Good wheel
Had one of these before. It is a bit small for an adult chinchilla and the babies (if you are going to have any) liked getting themselves jammed between the back of the wheel and the wall of the cage. They liked the hiding spot. Also since it is plastic the chins liked to chew on the edges. I didn't like them eating the plastic. Also the wheels in the back that support it squeek a lot.
Bad wheel
Another "bad" one. Any wheel that has rotating arms that support the wheel is dangerous. If the chin is in the wrong place at the wrong time the bar creates a scissor action with the non moving parts.
Good wheel
Never owned this one but it looks ok except for the "hiding behind" thing and babies smushing behind it.
Bad wheel
This one is similar to the one that injured one of my chinchillas. Yet another "bad" style.
Good wheel
The only problem here is plastic and chewing, plus they don't look like they could take all the weight and shock of a chin running. Looks to me like it would bounce and flex a lot.
Bad wheel
This picture is even in the right color scheme... Red!
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