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No babies at this time. Next batch around Aug-Sep 2011.

Two babies available after 6-17-11. Both sold.

The Cutest Chinchilla picture ever!
The Cutest Chinchilla Picture Ever.

Slide show of new babies

We don’t have 50 chinchillas, cranking out 100 babies per year. We only have the two. The advantage to you is each baby is raised around human hands and handled from birth. They are always hand friendly.

Look at the slide show and Videos of mom, dad and the kids. If you would like any additional information, click on the Email Button and ask a question. We will answer any questions you may have and even talk on the phone if you want.

You tube Video of babies at one month

You tube Video of babies at 2 months


I have been raising and breeding my two chinchillas here in Southern California for a couple years now. Mom and Dad are pictured at the top of the page. About 3 times a year I have babies for adoption for a reasonable fee. Mom frequently has 2. When I have one available it will be shown here. The next two are here now! Available after 6-17-11

If you would like me to notify you when one is born and when it will be available, leave me a request in the Email section. We are located in Southern California.

Mom is a “Mosaic” (the white one) and Dad is half and half “Standard Grey” and “Black”. The mom has softer than normal hair. The babies she has had are pictured on this page in the margins. The babies frequently have white or are all white. Never Albino, at least not yet.

Luna Running Animated GIF
Chinchilla running
Misc pictures of mom, dad, and previous litters



Chinchilla in sweatchirtHappy Family
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